I just realised something...

Hi again.

Well... here's what I realised.

Rushing is BAD in Domination.


Black Ops = Yeah it's ok, you'll probally die though




So, why? Well I play Search and Destroy 90% of the time, and I rush. Alot. Why? It's probally the best thing to do in Search. If you rush you'll usually go excellent (6+ kills is good) I mean, like 10+ kills. However if you rush in Domination, they just spawn right where you just cleared and shoot you in the back, so... no rushing in Domination, I just realised this after getting P/O'd for the last time. I watched it in theatre and huh... I kill a few people, run past that area and wow, they spawn literally looking at my back. So... I have to play campy until they fix spawns.... YAY. -.-


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Yeah, I have to agree. I rush 100% of the time in any game mode. In black ops, it was really easy to rush and pull off 3-5 KD games in domination. In MW3 I am having trouble getting a 2 KD in domination rushing.

Yup, and I hope they fix this soon. Domination is fun, but killing a guy and watching him spawn behind you in your kill cam after he then kills you is no fun. I'll still rush and try to get as much caps as I can, and while I don't care about deaths in Domination, I do care when it prevents me from capping.

so why not camp 2 points and trap them?

Ahhh, one of the BK kids I see. Trapping requires friends. My friends play BF3 and Mw2. :)

very true, i have come across very few players on this game when just randomly playing who co-operate

Mhm. :|

Whats the fun of trapping people? Spawn trapping is a sad tactic that if I see my team doing make sure to fix cause I don't want a easy kill.

any kill is a good kill! - I do agree though, it is shameful that on objective based games there is little or no teamwork - even when i don't play with friends, i try to talk to teammates to help us achieve the objective!

^ No it's not lol. You think killing someone looking at their spawn is a good kill? ha.

Well there is no real point for communication when a good 70 percent of cod players play with out mics...and if you didnt just go for two points, what objective are you going to use?

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