I just got Lost Planet 2 and OMG what a great game.

I'v only played 3 levels of it so far, but from what i'v seen it's amazing, good work to CAPCOM for combining good game play with great graphics.

What did you guys think of this game?



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I never played it myself. But I was here on these boards back around the time it released. It was widely regarded by everyone as a massive failure and disappointment.

Lost Planet 2 is fun --- when played with friends.  When playing on your own it becomes an exercise in frustration because your AI teammates are dumb as heck.  Think Sheva in Resident Evil 5 (oddly enough a Capcom game as well) but worse.

That said, Capcom definitely could have done better.  I don't mind the difficulty (bosses are fun to fight against) but the way the game is structured overall just feels a bit lacking.

The only reason people didn't like it was because of the lack of checkpoints. Most of the people here were used to the hand holding of games like Cod where a monkey in a zoo will eventually complete campaign on Hard because he just needs to go from checkpoint to checkpoint.

Many couldn't grasp the concept that the game actually gave you a limited number of lives which you could increase by grabbing dataposts in game. The game essentially seperated the grown ups from the kids. Until all the whining got it patched so there are now checkpoints when reaching the boss battles.

The campaign and the gameplay itself are top notch. CoD only dreams about being able to do an epic campaign on the scale of LP2. If you're not interested in getting every achievement in a game, but the fun of actually playing a game is more important then I recommend Lost Planet 2 as one of the best Co-op games out there and you can get it real cheap now.

You can add me and I will play with you.  Most of my friends got rid of it already, but alas, until I get 100% I keep the game . . this was going to be one that sat in the PILE.  

I beat the first 2 levels and traded it away...it sucked bad. And Tatakai again is trying to prove how awesome he is by saying he can handle Lost Planet 2 while every other feeble CoD peasant couldn't. What a failure...

Well it's true, isn't it? ( that feeble CoD peasant's can't handle it, not the crack about me trying to prove something, I don't have anything to prove) And you proved the example, I've only got extreme difficulty to beat on campaign and I am half way through that, and you played the first two levels and gave up, because you couldn't handle it. And of course your excuse is that it sucked bad, more like you sucked bad. Game wouldn't hold your hand through it so you gave up.


I have to agree with tatakai on this. Most people that hated LP 2 were those gamers that find a game too hard, give up and blame it on the game. THe game controls differently , has no checkpoints is actually hard unlike most other games/ Lots of gamers today cant handle that.

LP is one of my favourite series. beating the original on extreme and getting 1000 was one of the most satisfyinggaming experiences ive had.

LP2 is tougher because of your AI and i didnt have the time to complete it on the hardest modes.

OP add me , id definitely play LP2 wiht you/.

LP2 is a good game, its not a western made shooter therefore it has differences that separate it from the "normal" or "usual" experiences. The game has a lot of great boss fights and while it can be difficult at times in terms of control and difficulty it is nowhere near as bad as every drama queen says it is.

In fact, months after all the whining and crying Capcom eventually added a lot of checkpoints in each chapter, even without these checkpoints I was able to complete the game several times with and without friends.

Very underrated game still need to beat some chapters on the highest difficulty as well as finish leveling up 3 of the 5 factions, but now it is pretty hard to find people to play with.

japanese games usually have horrid AIs. I guess most of them dont really know how to script AIs properly Mindjack is one of the example.

the game is rather short about 10 levels. and most of them takes up to 30 mins. And after that, the game has nothing left to offer, unless your the type who wants to unlock costumes.. etc.

some stages are poorly design (only the first  and second stage are the best) and it feels like and arcade game that you could purchase off from XBLA

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