I Just Came Back From The Modern Warfare 3 Midnight Launch!

Game is awesome, IGNORING THE FACT THA COD CHANGES LITTLE (I don't care if it doesn't change). I really like the game, the brought back Split Screen and Guest accounts! Yes! The game is still fun ol Call of duty, and the new Kill Comfirmed Mode is Sweet! Waiting in the store with 300 fellow CoD fans in my area was sweet! I managed to place 5th in our Black Ops Tournement and I got the gamertag of about 20 gamer (about 6 girls and 14 guys) so I have more local friends now, Sweet! I also got a MW3 poster and a shirt, sweeter! I can't wait for schoolto get out tomorrow so I can play it again! Oh yeah, and about 5 people dressed up and it actually didn't smell at all. Anyone else have stories to share?

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Your spelling is bad there. ;)

And Call of Duty is like Madden, minuscule changes between each release.

Typing off my IPod, it's 1:30 AM. Could care less about how bad my spelling is. :P


I tried my best to get rid of errors, I missed a few (or a lot) though.

I'd Rather have my 60 bucks back..


lol i like the game and all but... it didnt seem worth $60. They changed very little from the other game. Come on was it really worth it?? I THINK NOT. I went to the midnight release because i was bored so i said what the heck. It was alright, they had i guess food to pick on and we counted the game release down. Not to impressed i mean really? take a chill pill everyone! NEWS FLASH game isnt that impressing.

I can't believe you guys wasted their money bags for a game that even one of you didn't want to..

Sounds cool.

I've been to one Midnight Release in my life: Halo - Reach.  It was the most out-of-place i've ever felt.  I spent half the time standing in line talking to a 15 yr old kid and his mother.  I kept wondering why she was allowing her son to skip school the following day to play a video game.  lol.  Damn, i'm getting old.

Here in nyc classes are out for all schools. So expect to have nyc children on all morning and midafternoon until mom&pops get home.