I hope somebody of microsoft reads this about splitscreen

I and a friend have played all the splitscreen couch games, from playstation 1, 2, gamecube, till xbox 360 till now the xbox one. we loved doing this, but now even FREAKING HALO hasnt a co op mode..... its a shame is going away from us. its the most fun with friends (no sports games included) plz microsoft do something about this, :(


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You can rest assured the developers of Halo have heard this.  Whether they actually decide to reverse their decision is yet to be determined.  I have read that they are considering bringing it back for Halo 6 but as far as I know that is rumor/speculation.

its need to come back in halo 5 now, just an update and done.

not just an update, the game was tailored for single player locally, it would take a massive rewrite of the code to implement this.

Times are changing. Split screen isn't as popular as it once was. I would welcome it in pretty much every game out there, but online is taking it over.