I hope Epic doesn't change a thing!

This is easily the best, most balanced Gears of War yet. The maps are balanced and fun (although I do miss some of the old classics), especially with the Spawn Protection system in place. The minor changes they've made to the maps since the beta have really decreased spawn killing, etc. Even though this game is still heavily shotgun based, more and more people are using other useful weapons like the Retro Lancer, Hammerburst, etc. All the weapons seem very balanced, and even though the sawed-off shotgun is annoying, its not OP. I guess the regular Lancer could use a minor boost. The best part though has to be the dedicated servers, NO LAG FTW!!! I honestly have no complaints with this game besides the weird Ribbon glitch in which it's always telling me I have new ribbons when I don't... I really hope Epic doesn't listen to all the crybabies and change stuff up. This is arguably one of the best Xbox 360 games, and is easily in my top 3 best MP games. Great job Epic!

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I had the first 2 and never played that much (MP) but this one is fun for some reason.  I am not a fan of Gears at all so I am limited in my opinion in what is better or worse.  I am hooked on the Beast mode, that is confirmed!

1)Take shooting out of roadie running

2)Bring back Guardian

Beast mode is a great new addition to the game. I had a blast playing it!