I have the GotY Edition - Hardcore Mode discussion.

Well, right off the bat, I notice that the "Loading..." screen pictures are now greyscaled.  The "Targeting mode" is now called "Hardcore" - and you die really easily.  Not sure if anything else is new, nor do I know the difference between "Expert" targeting or "Hardcore" targeting.  Does anybody know any other differences?

One complaint I have about the GotY Edition is that if you want to play Multiplayer, you need to put in the second disc, which contains Undead Nightmare and Multiplayer.


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Expert doesn't make enemies go crazy hardcore on you...

I honestly wish they put out the Solomon's Folly and "Hardcore Mode" in a patch/DLC for Solomon's Folly.

I only gave it a few minutes so I didn't notice too many differences.  I see what you're saying about the enemies being harder on Hardcore, but is our *aiming* any different when compared to Expert?

No the aiming isn't different between hardcore and expert. Just the enemies and how many bullets will kill you.

Thanks for the link, Jmes99.  Seems... difficult.  lol

There was one thing there that wasn't true for me:  "Warhorse deed must be purchased for $10,000 (available in any General Store)."

- I had the deed at the start of the game.