I have "Red dead" for 5 days. What should i do?

I am borrowing red dead for the next 5 days so far iv played about 30 mins. I am just wondering if anyone has a list of what to do in these 5 days. (already riden a zebra my firend has one)


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How about beating the campaign first. It takes a couple of days to beat it. What is this riding a zebra you are talking about?

if you get to level 50 in multiplayer you get a zebra



Beat the Main Storyline and play the Undead Nightmare Storyline for one. Then you can go on Free Roam and level up.

Enjoy it, its a hell of a game.  Great story.

The Zebra Donkey mount is unlocked in multiplayer when you have become a legend four times and have reached level 50 five times.

Just enjoy it, the game is awesome both single player and multiplayer. I defy you not to get your own copy after 5 days

Don't waste your time asking questions, hurry up and finish the campaign. It's a great storyline!!!

not let your friend barrow it so he can steal it