I HAVE PLAYED THE DEMO! will give a little info...

ok all i went to the gamefest at the N.E.C. in birmingham uk this weekend just gone and omg they had a 25 minute demo presentation of gameplay and then the demo was playable to all at the event. This was the first uk playable demo and it introduces you to catwoman,batman,two face and the penguin and you get a video scene with the riddler.


You start off as catwoman who uses whips kicks flips etc while battering foes then you break into a safe where two face catches you and puts a gun to your head then the demo cuts to you as batman on a bulding.Now in game riddler clues and riddles are not on your map....you randimly find thugs and using your bat scanner find which one in the group is the riddler informat so you batter all other thugs and then beat the informant last to get the clues out of him. You then encounter a rather wicked looking penguin and have to fight off his raging goons. after beating these you go into a room ful of eletric floors and spinning spikes.You used your scanner and batarang to solve puzzles in this room and in the next room you use a grapple to move and in mid air jumo off it and do another grapple to progress again into a archway the whole puzzle system is well thought through. This is all i will say without losing my head reliving the demo as i type this :D


The gadgets are stronger and better, moves have been added, ie gliding and doing bodyslams etc to enemies on the ground combos are sick and combat moves added. you can do baseball slides, glide and break through walls do double grapple moves in midair and ROAM THE ENTIRE ARKHAM CITY.




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