I have no VIP Code?

I got the hard drive version from xbox arcade, does anyone who got it like this know if you're supposed to get a VIP Code


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Do you mean the digital download from games on demand? I don't think it comes with a code. To get it with a code you need to buy the retail copy brand new from a store or in your case download it separately from the in game store for an additional fee.

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Dang, alright forget that thanks man

Actually, if you contact the chat support and tell them you bought it and got no code, they should help you out no problem. Two of my friends did this.

You can buy one from the Marketplace for $10.

I think if you bought this new even if it was from games on demand they should supply a code for you,its not fair for them to make you pay extra for all the maps just cos you didnt go out to a store and buy it.they still got your cash!

Try to see if you can do what A Foam Football wrote.

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how many maps do you get if you have no vip code

you get the 4 best maps, well, 3 and atacama desert. I have friends that don't have VIP and those are better servers, except Atacam desert.