I have no friends




i got no X-Box friends...

Pathetic i know.. but...

if you play either gears 3 or battlefield 3 (when its released) ... um...

add me..


i think my tag is iMeikle


ty :D


PS... why cant i see my rep.. keeps saying unavailable.. i've had gears3 and gold membership since it come out..


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Are you a girl?

What kind of question is, are you a girl? :S Does it matter? :S and Meikle feel free to add me :) and if my friends list is full just send me a message :D

Aww no friends? well in that case feel free to add me aswell! We can play Gears 3 ^^

Add me as well

Will play GOW3 and Halo 3 and some other 360 games with you if you would like.

anyone here want to play GoW3 Fr