i have enough to get a game, but which one? DiRT 3? or Transformers Dark of the Moon?

okay, so im intersted in getting either dirt 3 or the new transformers

Transformers Dark of the Moon: I really like transformers, i rented WFC a wile ago and i loved it. Is DOTM anything like it? the same style multiplayer? Whats the DOTM multiplayer like? how about the campaign? i hear it was a prequel to the movie? what do you rate it out of 10?

DiRT 3: i like racing games.This game looks very good, the online modes look like alot of fun, and just gameplay looks really fun too, but will i get bored of this game soon? and i heard you can upload clips directly to youtube, so thats pretty cool also, what would you rate this game out of 10?

So, please leave your thoughts on wich one you reccomend and why? i want a game that wont get boring too fast, and that has good online and is just all around fun.

-Ghetto Falcon


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DiRT 3


No question about it, especially if you like racing games.  Granted, I haven't played it yet myself, but I really want to and haven't simply because I've still got a bunch of games from my backlog that I want to finish first (and killed seven months on GT5), and am slow about accomplishing anything.


Looking over your games, however, you didn't put much into some of the racing games like Forza, and never touched DiRT, DiRT 2, F1 2010, GRID, Midnight Club LA, PGR 3, or Sega Rally Revo at all.  Now, not playing certain individual games at all wouldn't in itself mean you aren't that big into racing games, but skipping out on so many including all of Codemasters' games (the makers of DiRT 3) and all of the rally games on the 360 sort of suggests to me that DiRT 3 might not be your thing.

Dirt 3.

Never played Transformers and I don't plan on it. It's a movie game so it is almost guaranteed to be subpar. Not worth buying, especially for $60

The transformers game is awesome! The same people who made WFC made the transformers dark of the moon game, But i still would pick dirt 3!!