I have been wondering

If the jimmy falon show was the console debut of Battlefield 3.  Then is all the game footage we have been seeing from the pc?


I know that alot of experts are saying the console version will convert alot of players to pc.  In my case they could not be more wrong.  Of course those experts have been saying that since the first xbox and have not been right yet.


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Yes most of the gameplay we have already seen was PC, including the multiplayer beta seen at E3. The problem with BF3 on the PC, is that its not supported by XP anymore, and most standard Graphic card wont support BF. So maybe the hardcore BF fan will spend the ££ on updating the PC's to run the game. But casual players will find BF3 more affordable on consoles. I for one dont plan to spend £500 on a new HD laptop to play a £40 game.

The graphics isn't the full spectrum of the game. I will surely not be playing the game on PC. The gameplay is my focus and the convenience of my console guarantees that.