I have a question

Is the GOD version of FH  has all the content of the game. Or I should get the disc version FH with all the content.


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Is the what? For Who? of What??  sorry I dont understand..

God kid don't know accruments od  you. FORZA HORRIZION. Gad man you could figger that out.

To be fair, I had no idea what you were talking about either. If you don't play the game acronyms don't necessarily stand out.

I didn`t either.

^ That true man. I might to too smart for thoese poeple here. Or I from a diffrent genaration then other member in this site.  I played 8-bit console. And that we gamers did with all title of a game. Is shorting by the frist little of each word of the game.

no one calls forza horizon FH


GoD versions don't seem to every have the DLC for the game.

So you saying i better get the dics version of the game USR?

Yes, a disc version would be safer and probably cheaper.  I would rather have the physical copy with the bonus content attatched.


If its original retail disc content than it will have it. If its premium DLC as seen included in GOTY, Platinum Hit and Ultimate Editions, it will not. Halo 4 had two discs retail but it was all included with the GOD version. I just had to download the 2nd disc multiplayer from the in game menu. Microsoft only holds back content that is sold on the marketplace.