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So I've been saving up money and I don't know what to buy............Should I get Skyrim or MW3?  I've been playing the Modern Warfare series and I love it. Then again Skyrim looks like a lot of fun as well. I also won't have Xbox Live for awhile so I don't know if that should affect my choice.






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If you love CoD games then you should check it out. I'm not sure how much you like to play it online though. I'm personally burnt out on the whole CoD thing.

Skyrim is one of the best games I have ever played, but it's not for everyone. Maybe rent it to see what you think otherwise go with what you know you will like.


The campaign of Modern Warfare 3 takes under 5 hours to complete and the Spec Ops missions are fun but somewhat repetitive if you are going to be playing on your own.


So even though I'm not the biggest fan of Skyrim, that would be my recommendation to you. The game is huge and will keep you going for around 100 hours.

I don't even like WRPG that much but I can say you'll get 10x more enjoyment out of Skyrim than you will MW3. And I am not saying that just because Cod is Cod. There is just so much more to do and get out of Skyrim.

If you like the MW series then you might want to get MW3. But if you're not going to have XL for a while. Then you should get Skyrim instead.  To me MW3 is only wroth it for the multiplayer, and to finish the story. With out the MP it would get boring pretty fast.   Skyrim on the other hand you can have endless amounts of fun, and what not. The only downside to it is that it's a single player game. Which mean no multiplayer.

But I would suggest renting both games. So you can decide on what game you want to get.  I don't  want you to buy a game you 're not going to enjoy.