I have a mulitplayer question?

So I'm going to get this game along with a few friends. And I just am curious: Is there anyway to just roam around the map? Like a free-roam mode? I know there is co-op but can you just explore the map?


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no, the game is 3 seperate entities, Single Player, which is pretty amazing so far, but it's only 1- player, then I believe their are 6 Co-op missions, which is seperate from the story and takes place like six months before, These missions are basically linear firefights with the pirates with checkpoints and 5 sections or so a Chapter, these take around an hour to complete on insane a chapter, no roaming around or anything just linear firefights, its fun but all missions are pretty much the same.

Than the multiplayer which has no pre-lobby system so the only way to play with friends ive found is to be in an xbox live party and have leader search for a game, if he finds one it will pop up on other party's screen that he's in a game and ask you to join, Multiplayer can be fun if you can get in a game, but it is def. not a selling point of this game nor is the co=op, but SP is fantastic.