I have a dream.... (Black Ops)

Of leading a team.

"Quiet professionals"

Zero trash talking, not an ounce or irritation in their voices during a game. Win or lose. Regardless of map or game type, everyone knows their job and accomplishes it to the best of their ability. No excuses. Slight variations are called out during battle by the person chosen to lead that particular fight. No arguing mid-game. Everyone is treated with respect, friend or foe. In the event of a total pr*ck on the other team, no words are said to them. They are not worth the effort of our two cents. Pro Perks all around because the team has purposely put in the effort to give their soldier as many advantages as possible. Enemy tactics are identified, countered, and defeated. In the end everyone can turn off their Xbox and go back to the real world well knowing that the next time their team is online, the winning will continue.

I have dreamed of this since playing Call of Duty 4 alone. Games improve, but the people do not. Developers work tirelessly to please their publisher and customers. And we thank them with ridicule and disrespect.

This world is ugly enough as it is. When the turtle beaches hug my ears I delve into a world I will never be a part of purely for entertainment. Only to hear people incessant bickering and malcontent. Children, and adults with child minds.

People say they are mature and happy. But everyone is when winning games are spoon fed to them. "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy"

People WILL beat you at this game, you are not perfect. I want to see how you are when you actually have to work for a victory.

Seeking one person like this is difficult enough. But I hope to find 5 others. My own friends in real life have let me down. So now I seek a team here.

Message me.


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I bet you rage quit a lot...j/k

Sounds like the perfect gaming experience, unfortunately  gamers aren't perfect.