I have a chance to get the limited edition for 35$

Guys,,,, is the LE worth getting for $35? I like shooters but have not heard good things about this game.


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shoot Amazon gives about $29  for trade in. Its well worth a try for only 6 dollars

Redbox it for a day and see if you like it

I like it. Its fun. I paid full price.

As a rental i'd say go for it! buying it not a chance not even LE @36 £ or $ for me the game got boring fast.

If you've played the ps3 socom an enjoyed then this game is for you it plays the same apart from the level design's.

Over all this is a low budget title sold at AAA prices due to the CAPCOM an RESI tag nothing else.

Rent first to make your mind up, don't make the same mistake i did :(

Yeah the Target store I work at just put them on Clearance.  Sucks because I paid $70 and tax two weeks ago for it :(

Yup Target dropped both versions of SE to $35 really good price if you're still holding out.