I have 1 mission for Franklin but nothing on the map

Hi guys,


Wondered if anyone could help?


I have 1 mission available for Franklin yet theirs nothing on the map that's green, so in effect I have a mission somewhere that I cannot find/do. Could anyone help with this and let me know what to do? Is it a glitch? Am I missing something? Any help would be great.


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well it depends on how far into the game you are...Have you started the spaceship parts mission? The green question mark is way up north where Trevor would be...It is easy to overlook that mission for Frank.


Yeah I've met the crazy hippy/spaceship guy, I am way past that now. Unless you have to meet him again? I've uncovered all the map (as good as) but nothing at all shows up as a mission, nor down the side when you have a list of places to go/do etc.

Its ruddy annoying.

hmmm..no idea then....Did Micheal or Trevor tell you to do anything? Like when Trevor tells Micheal to go to flight school..you wouldn't know it by looking at the map.

Hmmm could be!! I was asked to go to the shooting range. I'll give that a try,

Cheers for the help, much appreciated.