I hate the Rep system...

I really do. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but it's so hard to navigate through these new forums, I have absolutely no idea where I am at times.

Right, so, I was playing Burnout Paradise, and I was pwning a guy really hard and when he finally took me down, I just said "argh". So now I'm 50% aggressive and unsporting? I just hate how it is whatever someone says, even if they're a troll. You can just not like someone and -rep them for quitting early without any proof whatsoever.


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Ha. I got 1 quit early and 2 unsportings. I'm pretty sure I know when each one happened. My QE was a WiFi disconnect on CV:HD. One unsporting was Beautiful Katamari I had something come up between matches and I guess the other guy got tired of waiting. The other unsporting was for losing at MvC3. Dude locked me down with Dante and I couldn't do anything. XD How am I unsporting? Especially since I went back into Ranked 3 more times with the guy so he could get his 5 ranked wins in a row achievement.

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do people really use that rep thing? what purpose does it really have? the only time i've ever done anything against another player is reporting/avoiding a few squealing *** kids singing into their mics on reach. it's like people actually paying attention to the level system and gold or silver accounts.

how is "pre teen" a offensive censorable word?



I absolutely use the rep but contradictory to the predominant reasons stated in this thread. The only times I have used the rep is to avoid players ON MY TEAM in the future. For instance, the annoying individual who decides that knifing teammates, or shooting teammates who are taking up a position that they want but were beaten to; I will avoid that player in the future. I nailed two guys with one shot the other day because one was in cover and the other guy was standing in front of him, knifing him (MOH). It has also happened to me in the past so I felt the one players pain (as I pulled the trigger *L*).That is blatant behavior that affects gameplay for everyone.


People dropping out of games don't really bother me. Sometimes it *seems* obvious; like when a player with warfighter status is getting lit up and before the game ends, he/she isn't listed on either team. That said, just because it appears obvious it doesn't necessarily mean he/she left because they were having a bad game and were trying to preserve his/her skill score or K/D ratio. People can have wonky (sorry if that term offends you, Riven ;)) connections. I myself have been having huge issues with the EA servers of late and for about 3 and a half days last week, I was getting connection drops left and right. At times I could connect back in and was dropped into that same match and everyone else is still going. Why I was having the "server unavailable" issue and they weren't is a mystery but the bottom line is I began a match and seemingly left on my own accord. I'm not one to worry too much about rep but I would caution folks that there can be a myriad of reasons why players leave matches from connection issues to parents pulling the plug on junior who thought he could get a game in before mowing the lawn. It's not necessarily because they are getting pwned by you.

I used to hate it, now I don't notice it.

Don't you know?  It's unsporting to other players if you beat them.

It's a broken system that wont be fixed anytime soon.

Unyo has positive because he's a [Mod Edit] player and people love to play him for an easy win.  

I'm joking of course.

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I thought more than half the payers have bad rep.  There was a time I wouldn't believe that much are dicks.

No one think of leaving positive feedback for every single player that simply plays the game with no fuss.  Only bad feedback is left.


Exactly, no one goes out of their way to leave positive feedback. Only butthurt tweens who got put in their place and want revenge will actually take the time to leave negative rep on someone. I've listened to idiots in my party chat scream about how someone was cheating because they were getting owned and they were going to show them by leaving neg rep. Likewise I've been threatened by people who've said they were going to get their whole clan to neg rep and report me simply because they lost.


I actively leave good feedback. If I had a good game and any of the other randoms were fun to talk to, used teamwork or just seemed to be good sports, I will leave good feedback. it's easier than leaving bad.

Somehow my rep is still at 100%. Either no one has ever gave me rep, good or bad or everyone online likes me lol.

I've noticed some strange cosmetic changes overcoming this website lately as well. Below some people's comments, the reply button is positioned on the left, while for others it's in the usual place on the right. No idea.

Why are you only 4 and a half stars Chickin?

JohnRomerosHead it's just the forum playing up. Refresh the page and it should revert itself to normal.

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