I hate madcatz ki fightstick

He have no headset plug wtf i plug my x1 headset in the controler but is turn off after5 minute i hate that,

you guy what you use when you play with the fightstick ?

p.s. i dont want to use kinect i hate this stupid pice of crap.


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Ha somebody needs to calm down. Yeah it's a pain but the audio quality on peripherals on the 360 was awful so I'm not too bummed. I have the head set plugged into my controllers and have that plugged in with the USB cable whenever I want to talk when using it. I feel like I'm on life support with all those wires coming out of me. The TE2 is a great stick. Having a headset port shouldn't be one of its priorities. It would have been nice however.

If i plug a cable usb in x1 controler he never turn off ?

yo dude i like the te2 but i hate he not have headset plug 200$ and no plug come on madcatz

Yeah, it does suck. I feel your pain. I can't tell you how many times it's cut off during a match when running the second controller on wifi. I'm pretty sure if you plug the controller in though it won't shut off. That or you have to remember to move the analog stick on the controller. I try to bump an analog stick after every match to make sure it doesn't turn off.