I Hate Hackers. Why do people like cheating in multiplayer games?

There seems to be more and people Hacking with aim bots and lag switches. I don't know why people feel the need to cheat? is it because they have no skill that they have to ruin the game for everyone else?

All hackers should have their account band, I hope the Next Gen console will prevent people from Hacking

Can Microsoft get detection software to get rid of all Hackers? 


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I've got my own way of avoiding cheaters...



I don't play online. It works every single time.

I haven't run into a hacker since I stopped playing Call of Duty. The chances that you're running into people with lag switches constantly is probably not as common as you think. Just because a game is really laggy does not mean someone is using a lag switch.

I thought for sure I would see COD in the ops recent played list.  I am guessing the complaint happened while playing Future Soldier?   As for "lag switches" I am guessing maybe the host had a very poor connection and made the game lag really bad. That game has quite a few online problems.  

I wouldn't get the fun.  Shooting the same 8 guys round the same map for 10 minutes is hard enough to find fun these days even when it is competitive.

lag switching hasn't been widely used since rainbow 6 vegas. people seem to not understand what it is.

Kicks and giggles? I don't know, but I hate when I try to play COD4 and all I see is people flying and explosive bullets, but hey, play a game like BF3, only go into dice servers and you shouldn't have a problem. Only once have I seen a hacker in BF3 and he was banned almost instantly from the server thanks to friendly admins.

I have no problem with all the little kiddies playing in their own private match with mods/glitches, but as soon as they go online & bother normal gamers just trying to enjoy what the developers give us, then it is a problem.

Luckily I don't experience much of the modding/glitching because I don't play many older games that developers let fall apart. And I only play with a full group of friends so the chances of running into any of those kiddies are slim.

I blame youtube for producing most of the modders. Watch a short video, grab a usb stick, buy a modding program for PC, and your an instant hacker in minutes.

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i agree with LOL AT UR SKILL all it really takes is a $5 flash drive from best buy and a computer program and you can mod some games. but most of the more recent games like battlefield 3 it takes more than a flash drive to mod the game however then can use ISO script mods but that requires flashing your console and people who do that usually get caught pretty quickly if people report them. if you encounter someone who is modding just report them and leave the game and microsoft will take care of them

Because, they think they're cool... A real hacker (Security Analyst), gets paid to hack & not do their novice hacks, that get Found or System Detected etc..

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