I Hate Camping Teammates

I get way more assist then kills because they're always stealing my kills and it gets me extremely frustrated and makes rage quit alot,if I didn't have friends to play online with this game or if it didn't have zombies I would've been gotten rid of this game a long time ago end of  story.


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Glad it was a short story.

Is there anything at all about this game that somebody doesn't get butt hurt over?

If it's a team-based game, then there is no such thing as kill-stealing except in your own mind. You're supposed to work together to take the enemy out. I try to teach my clan members to concentrate their fire on the same targets as their teammates. Why? Because it brings the enemy down faster. If they go down faster, then they don't have time to retaliate. If they can't retaliate, we win - & that's what's important.  If anything, you should stop being so selfish & be glad you're getting any points at all with the assists. Those so-called "campers" are often the players who are using cover to watch your back, keep you alive, & locking down entire paths to force the enemy into another more predictable path - after all, it's easier to kill an enemy coming from 1 path, rather than 2 where you have to waste time choosing who to shoot (which can get you killed).

It's a play-style that you may not agree with, but I want you to realize that that particular play-style does have a place within the game (any shooter-based game, really) & that you should, at the very least, respect that.

play free for all = no team mates seeemples

How do you know they were your kills?They could of been the campers kills,What actually determines whos kill it is?I like to do both,Atm i'm playing pure run n gun to finish my last 2 diamond SMG's but i have a couple of pretty cool camping classes.Variety is the spice of life young grasshopper.

  You could also play kc, ley your camping teammates get the kills and you collect the tags.

its call of duty! its made to be frustrating! where have you been?

Finish your kills yourself, stop wounding everyone and letting them run off.

You could try trolling  your teammates... you can make them leave the game and you got the whole enemy team for yourself. Infinite XP y0!  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Too funny TOG, exactly what I thought, almost word for word