I HATE bees, wasps, yellow jackets...!

Where in the crap did this idea come from??? ARGH!! I'm cruisin' through the forest and BUUUZZZzzzz. I ran like a little girl. And then the green chick is after me? I was lovin' me some fire atronach.


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I have almost 30 hours and over 80 locations discovered yet I have not encountered any bees or wasps yet. I believe I found a nest though.

Spriggans have an attack that sends a horde of bees after you. No fun. I hate the little striped bastards too.

I actually find these spriggans easier to fight than the ones in Oblivion.

Bees I definitely don't mind so much. I haven't encountered many, but when I do I'm not really bothered. No, what bothers me is the spiders. Giant, all-too-realistic looking spiders rushing right at me, makes me want to cry every time. It is my very worst nightmares come to life.

(Ustengrav spoilers)

I just about had to turn off the Xbox when I got to that big chamber with the fire panels all around, and suddenly a gigantic frostbite spider drops right on my farkin' head! I promptly paused, reloaded my previous save, and entered the chamber with a little more dignity than dropping my controller as I screamed like a little girl. I still couldn't bear to face the thing head-on, of course, so I cast my Flame Atronach and ran back toward the previous chamber to let the floor panels do the rest of the work.

@ARCTIC WIZARD - You have issues man if a video game spider made you drop the controller and scream like a little girl, LOL!

They freak me out too and I'm 30 years old.

hahahahahahaha.  I hate spiders but you guys are priceless :P

Glad to see im not the only one who screams like a little girl and drops my farkin controller at the sight of those things. Spiders freak me out so bad I recruited a follower to take care of them while I run away. My stamina is at 200 just so I can run away from them lol.