i hate all these " server disconnected " mssg's

Come on this game had pefect servers but it went downhill ever since the last patch or update they did. I have a PERFECT router that is always open and i really never lag, its just the servers. Do you guys know if they are going to address this issue this is a serious problem. I was going 45 - 16 on dropzone using the 1887, then got a juggernaut recon and the game then everyone stops showing the enemies running and im the only one who could walk around then " server disconnected "


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Yeah this is happens to me about 40-50% of games since the last patch.

the server disconnection message pops up when the host dashboards sometimes though...

seems like it always happens when u have a good game. thats why i thought it was tied to dashboarders

Pretty sad really because it always happens when you get or about to use something good, it's as if the person knows and just wants to throw water on your fire on purpose for a little giggle.

"had perfect servers" lolololololol stop that's too funny.

It usually happens when some little kid that has a bad game, and cares so much about his perfect K/Dr dashboards.  Unfortunately that little kid is sometimes the host, and by dashboards the packets of information doesn't get transferred to a new host.  Sucks.