I guess there isn't any match making in TF?

I guess there isn't any match making in TF?

one side all level 1s, other team all 40+, thats gonna go well..................


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Nope not until they do something about it. I see the same all the time, level 1-10s mixed in with level 40 somethings and next gens.

It ends up being pretty even matches though. It always tries to get a couple of higher level players in with the lower level players.  Besides, level does not equal skill. I regenerated the  first time this morning, and got to play against a lot of higher level Gen 3-5's. Held my own pretty well. I ended up at Gen 2, Lvl 23 and even took down a Gen 9's a couple of times along the way.

Not an issue really. The R-101C is the best weapon in the game.

Agree with you on R-101C. ACOG and Extended mag. Best titan weapon IMHO is the basic chaingun, with the ROF accelerator upgrade. I generally take that and the 4th level ordinance missile. I shoot them at the same time at a target, and either scoot or put up a particle wall and reload. Sick volume of fire.

I like the idea of the burst fire 40mm cannon, but it's not advantageous to use it while trying to satisfy requirements for the burst fire option. The rest of the titan weapons IMHO are not worthwhile.