I gotta have an explanation of 2 games,

2 games in a row last night we(a few friends and I) saw things we had never saw before happen.  First was a Hardcore Headquarters match and I'll copy and paste from the COD forums.

Last night some friends and I started a hardcore Headquarters match on Xbox Live, Nuketown map, immediately upon the initial starting countdown there were 2 15th prestige players camped in our spawn. This started a slaughterfest that lasted 15 minutes. OMG it was soooo frustrating. That was my first game to ever save to my fileshare just for proof. Some players are just good, I can't understand how they spawned in our spawn initially to begin with and they knew what was going on. At one point I had about 7 Commando hit markers on a guy, a team mate hit him with an RPG or grenade and he finally went into last stand and I had to finish him off with 2 more rounds. If anyone cares to watch feel free to check it out. I just want to know if something fishy was up.


Second, The very next game we played was and Hardcore TDM game on Havana.  The server had 3 players on our team and 7 on the other.  That game was fun but still don't understand how it happened.  Both games are in my fileshare if anyone cares to watch.




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The 3 v 7 game is close to a common occurance. I've been in many 5 v 7 games so I'd assume that this one was a similar situation.


As for the first game, there initial spawn was in your team's spawn? I've never seen that. I've seen plenty of spawn killing on Nuketown, but never at the very beginning of a match.

This is CoD. These games are famous for having bad spawns. Spawning with the bad guys at the start of a HQ game on a small map like Nuketown doesn't surprise me one bit. I haven't played HQ in some time, but I do remember spawning on the enemy side on more than one occasion, so it happens. It also sounds like you were in a laggy-er than usual room.



As for the lopsided teams, I've run into that from time to time as well. It's just one of those things. I wouldn't chalk anything up to cheating. It's just the game being the game, sometimes it hiccups and you have things like that happen. I will say that everything you described, I've had happen to me also and I think many others can say the same thing.



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I can take that.  I admit that this is the first game I have ever played online but I've played it a lot and had never seen such.  I guess anything is possible in the world of computers.  Just seemed to be "extra" screwy last night.  

And yes, the spawning is horrible in this game.  

I've run into some glitched games, but I have yet to run into any hacked or modded rooms.

Seems like some lag and some good players were the culprit. The guys getting to your spawn so fast was probably Lightweight/Marathon guys on a small map, plus they probably were tac inserting. The matchmaking has always been alittle weird on this game and lag causes the most WTF moments ever.

In HQ it's common for 1-2 players from one or both teams to spawn nearer to the bulk of the enemy, rather than the bulk of their team.

As was said above having unevenly numbered teams, while not occuring very often, isn't extremely rare either.  Nothing to worry about there.

If MW3 gets dedicated servers do you the gameplay will be better than BO? Or is it just a gimmick to make more money?

MW3 will not be getting dedicated servers. I read that from somewhere.