I gotta have a baby!!!

I need the Interdimensional Conception achievement, I have both male and female characters. Both rich crap. Just want this achievement. Tired of wh0r31ng out my low level female characters to people who talk to themselves with their mics on. It creates a sticky fouls smelling aura in my room.

This game makes me feel dirty I just want this last achievement and I'll probably sell it annonomasly on craigslist.


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I find that having babies ties the progress of the game up and spoils the mood of my game.  I've restarted the game countless times because the kids resemble orphans or street eurchins or are too whinny.  It would be nice to have a child dressed and acting like it belongs living in a castle among royalty and nobelmen/nobelwomen.  Shining examples of royalty.  Marrying a Nobleman comes close but then I get the spoiled child that can't be hugged or kissed without demanding a toy or who expects a better house than can be provided.   I've learned not to sell toys.  You could spend hours looking for one certain toy that, of course, cant be found and you are away from home longer than you want to be.  You would think that the offspring of two heros would get you the perfect child.  Think again.   Good luck!

I just want the achievement you can stick me with the kid and I'll deal with it (See also: Use a character I don't play)

I this this is the last multiplayer one I need. I never got them all for Fable 2 either and this isn't looking good lol

What happens when you gett them all?  Does the game actually end or go on as long as you hang in there?

It ends for me. Looks like it might be over already :/

Oh well worth a try.

I wanna have that achievement too. Though I have had *** with other female LIVE players, she just couldn't get pregnant....

Thank BlazedWithPower very much! We both unlocked the achievement!  lol:)

I've been 'stuck' with 4 kids, ain't no thang! lol


All my kid does in fable III is sit in a cot crying.

If anyone else needs this ill shoot some babies out of my baby cannon.