I got to admit.....

I like it ! I like it alot. At first I was a bit confused but I guess that comes with any new game and no effin instructions anymore. I am getting too old to figure this crap out anymore. Guys you need to give it some time and put some work on  the gun perks and specials. It's a new game not a redo so if you are looking to play BC with fancy new weapons.. this is not Bad Company. If you are looking for BFMC its not that either as its time to update guys. I would say its a combo of MC+BC+HOMEFRONT...with a sprinkle of COD. 

Plus THIS IS THE BETA...if there were not issues it would not be called ....a BETA. Yes there are issues for sure but the overall game play is fairly smooth, guns are awesome, this map is ok I guess but we all hate certain maps in any game. I  sure would have liked some vehicles but I can see why they did not put them in.  Most issues players are complaining about are related to EA not DICE . Love the prone and cover aspects and I also love that some BC fanboys hate it....good stay with BC please. The cover can be a bit THICK and it's sometimes tough to pick guys up in the bushes but the more I play the more I am seeing....and killing.

I hear people complaining it's too dark....That's why when you put in the time you get infared scope to adapt to that situation. The same guys who complained in BC1 BC2 that you should not be able to shoot a guy with smg across the map are now complaining that you can't shoot a guy across the map with an SMG??? WTF make up your mind people. You get scopes so you will be able to take a guy out at long range but it ain't happenen with the first guns and no upgrades.

As I have said ....there are BF players and BC players.....which one are you ? That's all

Again thumbs up DICE thanks for putting out something fresh and new. If it weren't for changes like this we would all still be playing Space Invaders. Stop your whining and get on the BF!


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I too am back on board.  After my first few matches I was a bit scared.  I had a great night last night playing.  I can't wait until the new game.

yeah i partnered up with a buddy yesterday and had a blast playing.  actually using the roles the right way to defend positions.  not as much sniping except for the final stage where sniping makes aboslute sense.

Amen...exaclty its takes some time time but all good things come to gamers who wait. Once I got my buddies in my squad and we were all using our kits how they were suppose to be used we were golden. Our stats junped through the roof and the over all play was very good. After you play a bit you realize you just can't run down the middle of the sidewalk stand on a  rock and shoot somebody ....you will be dead bro. Its much more tactical which i truely love.