I got my Beta code in the end.....

Well after 5 E-Mails and having to go on chat support twice i got my code in the end!A whole day late.Had to beg for it though,They totally forgot about me!Just downloading now!!!


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enjoy it, a whole 14 hours before the whole world!

better then waiting till the 29th =/

Lol,I am enjoying,Still feel a little cheated but got there in the end.

Good to hear, you will enjoy it. Just keep an open mind when playing.

[quote user="SNAKExEATER4545"]Good to hear, you will enjoy it. Just keep an open mind when playing.[/quote]Yeah,After about 3 games i started to enjoy,It is quite obvious when playing that this is not nearly a representation of the final build,Graphics not quite finished,getting under map,screen flashes now and then doors and glass not smashing with the knife etc etc but Its not too bad to say its a month or two old Beta build.The finished game gonna be sweet!

I think the craziest glitch I had was that I turned into a "zombie" and was stuck in the half dead position, arm up, fingers twitching, but I could still scoot along the floor and shoot my weapon, reload, etc. but none of the bullets would hit anything. It was weird.