I got money in my pocket and an hour to go.

So do I rush right out and drop the money on this or not?  I enjoyed graw and graw 2.  Hate COD love all R6. 


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The questions I asked myself post-beta and today playing the real game!  1- Does this feel like what I remember the old Ghost Recon games to be?  No, but it is still a very fun game, SP, Co-op and MP, though I have only played 1 MP match.  I love the stealth this game offers, that part still feels like Ghost Recon.  Before I go any further I want you to know that i got this game for the Co-op and Campaign, MP is something I will dabble with here and there, so with that being said.....Overall the game is exactly what I was expecting, no it's not the GR I loved but in itself it is a game of it's own.  I love how the guns sound and feel, I love how civilians are running for their life during your gunfights (and yes you can hit them).  Also the AI is pretty good, when you set up the coordinated shots, they are executed perfectly.  If you are only getting this for the MP, I can't help you there yet, but for Co-op or Campaign (Co-Op or Solo) it is something you should play.

I do enjoy me some co-op and single player for sure.  Multiplayer I like Tom Clancy for realism so I think I will picker up for sure after work.  Would like some people to FR me to play multi or co-op so if you want to do it up anyone add me.

Will do!

After playing Guerilla and online love it it's a blast. Single Player will start it later.