I got hacked

Today a person with the gamer tag {mod edit} went into my party and threatened to sign me and my friends off of xbox and as soon as i claimed he was lieing he signed my off of xbox. Then later i randomly signed off again. I don't know how he is doing this but can you please get it to stop. Please.


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He also read me my I.P adress

Call up MS report him and call your cable provider to change your ip address and change your password and email associated with your account asap and that sucks to hear btw had that happen to me not thru my gametag but email

Sounds like you got hit with a DDoS. As Slayer said, have your ISP change your IP Address, and be sure to file a complaint and block communications: support.xbox.com/.../chat-terms-of-use-conduct

Thanks a lot for the help.

Also, don't leave Parties open, and don't accept, Party, Chat or Game invites from players you think will do it. Any real-time communication gives them your IP address and leaves you open to all sorts of joy.


As long you don't connect him to a game or party chat. He can't lock on to your IP.

Another thing, if he joined your party he's very likely to have been invited or a friend of one of the party members (though not absolutely necessarily) so you'd be best off making sure no-one keeps him on their Friend's List.