I got Arkham city-should I play this even if I finish Arkham City first?

I mean would it be fun like going through a comic book back issue or would it suffer too much in light of the newer obviously improved game?


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Yes the play is different and the story is different. I had fun playing with it and will go back to it.

I've gone back after playing Arkham City for ages to clean up some riddler challenges. Going to have another play through on Hard. It hasn't dated much and if you enjoyed the second game, you'll enjoy this one too, no matter what order you've played them in.

I started with Arkham City  firstbut then I had no idea what was going on so I played this and it's freaking awesome. Arkham City has way better visuals though. I was blown away by the graphics.

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Asylum is in some ways better than City, so hells yeah!

Is there a secret room in the wardens office??? I hear that there are plans for Arkham city in there and how do I find it?

I actually prefer Arkham Asylum. To me, it's just a much more intense game. I think Scarecrow played a big part in that.

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