I got a Prepaid Card for Halo Reach Recon Helmet, its not letting me purchase the helmet, what now, XBoxLive said to contact you

: ON downloaded history says Standard edition Bonus Content, on front of
card it says Helmet upgrade 
typed  the code on back of card typed it in, and it worked first time but she had me to redo it again, and dowload again, wont use the code now,

called xbox live, they tried me to redownload, recover my profile, etc, sign in and out, still wont let me use the code, so now what ?


You are now chatting with 'Sarah'.

Sarah: Hello, thank you
for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Sarah. Please give me a moment
to review your question.

Joseph: the prepaid card
says standard edition bonus content, in download purchase history, but when i go
to see if recon helmet is there, and available its not, its still showing to
purchase recon helmet i have to spend $100,000 credits, but im suppoose to have
it with the prepaid code, says so on front of prepaid card, and code took

Sarah: Hi Joseph, I hope
you are having a wonderful night. I understand you didn't receive Recon Helmet
when you downloaded Halo Reach game. I definitely understand your concerns and
will be happy to help you today.

Joseph: ok thanks

Sarah: May I please have
the code and I will check from my end?


Sarah: Thank you, kindly
give me a moment to review this code.

Joseph: ON downloaded
history says Standard edition Bonus Content, on front of card it says Helmet
upgrade type recon but there is no place to type recon, wont take recon but did
take the code on back of card

Joseph: im not sure if i
activated it right or not

Joseph: but its in download

Sarah: Thank you, please
give me a moment to review this code and issue.

Sarah: Thank you for your
patience. When you download the content again, do you see that it's saved under
your hard drive?

Joseph: are you taking about
when i view downloaded history?

Joseph: under

Sarah: Have you tried
downloading the Helmet from the download history?

Sarah: Yes

Joseph: yes, it shows its

Joseph: says game purchase

Sarah: Have you tried
downloading again?

Joseph: lists Standard
Edition Bonus Content game add on

Joseph: no

Joseph: want me to try

Sarah: Yes, please.

Joseph: says code has
already been redeemed, please enter an unused code

Joseph: with x at top and
code not valid now

Sarah: I meant download
again from the download history, you have that option. :)

Sarah: If you go back to
download history and select the content it will give you option to download

Joseph: i did that from
downloaded history, wont let me use that code again

Joseph: ok let me try

Sarah: You don't need to
enter the code, you should be able to download without entering a code.

Joseph: ok downloaded agan
now what

Joseph: i did

Sarah: The content should
be available for you to use in game.

Joseph: ok let me see if it

Sarah: Sure, no

Joseph: no, says same thing,
i have to spend 100,000 credits

Sarah: Kindly give me a
moment to review this issue.

Joseph: ok

Sarah: What else does the
message say when asked to spend 100,000 credits? Does it say points?

Joseph: says not enough

Joseph: continue playing
halo reach to earn the credits needed to purchase this item, but thats why i got
the card because its auppose to give you the recon helmet

Sarah: Okay, thank you for
the information. I am still reviewing this issue, one moment please.

Joseph: ok

Joseph: my nephew got
another card for his halo game and tecon helmet code worked, this one isnt for
some reason

Joseph: recon helmet

Sarah: Have you tried
recovering your profile?

Joseph: on back of card it
says to redeem your token for the spartan recon helmet use the code u know

Joseph: how do you recover
your profile

Sarah: To recover profile
press Xbox guide button > blue X to sign out > yes to sign out > select
download profile and follow prompts.

Joseph: i sure dont want to
lose the ranking i haven now, took me 2 months to get it up to rank i have now,
took me a year to get hero rank offline, but when i went online halo wouldnt let
me have the hero ranking, and i had to go back to sergeant ranking

Joseph: i tried that, but
let me try it again

Sarah: I understand, and
recovering now cause you to lose your rank.

Sarah: won't*

Joseph: same thing,

Joseph: says not enough
credits to purcahse

Sarah: One moment

Sarah: It seems like there
is some requirements with being able to download the content. Is your nephew
different rank then you?

Joseph: yes he is lower

Joseph: but i have the rank
to purchase the helmet

Joseph: no problem there

Joseph: on recon purchase
for 100,000 credits, prerequisites met

Joseph: but im suppose to be
able to use the prepaid card, its not working,

Sarah: Are you and your
nephew using the same code?

Joseph: no

Joseph: i just opened the
back of the card peeled off the label on back for the code about what an hour
ago or so

Sarah: Thank you for the
information. This issue will need to be referred to our halo.xbox.com forums so
they can look into this issue for you since the code is not applying to your

Joseph: ok, so when will i
know something, do i need a reference number

Sarah: I can provide you
with a reference number but you don't need to provide that to them. It will take
24 hours for them to reply to you.

Joseph: so your saying your
going to refer this to xbox forums, or do i?

Joseph: ok

Sarah: You will need to
post in the Halo forums and they will be able to look into your Halo game

Sarah: To see why the code
is not applying and help you resolve the issue since they can take a look on
game servers.

Joseph: ok and if they cant
give me an adequate to fixing the issue and i got the card from xbox, what do i
do then

Sarah: They will be able
to resolve your issue since they support the game more then we do, and we don't
generate game codes but they should be able to from their end.

Sarah: Your reference
number is 1182335246. 

Sarah: This can be
provided to an agent as a record of our conversation if you need additional

Sarah: Is there anything
else I can help you resolve today?

Joseph: tsno thats all let
me write down the reference number

Sarah: Alright, no problem


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