I got a funny story to tell you guys.

ok I have a friend (a random off xbox live) who never plays minecraft but i checked my friends list and saw he was on.  My real friend who i was talking with hopped in his world so i decided to hop in as well.  I finally got into the game by this point he had his kid's account and his kids friend in the lobby so obviously my friend and I decided right away we had to try to kill em.  My friend and i ran off started strip mining and in about 15 min found diamonds, oh ya you see were this is going.  His kid and friend left at this point but my friend and I had are diamond swords so we ran back to were the guy was it was at night so we had to fight for awhile.  We couldn't find him so we assumed he was under ground so we started mining straight down we could just start to read his tag when my friend hit lava.  I was the last hope to kill this guy i keep going manage to mine to his tunnel (at bedrock btw) i drop in his face taunting with my diamond sword. (i call the blocking sword motion taunting) The guy save instantly i maul him lol so he spawns above ground, my friend who at this point lost his sword in the lava chases him down again kills him above ground then the guy exits and starts playing offline.  

     so what do ya guys think like the story? I have never griefed in my life but that was too good to pass up =D best part if he ever loads that world i still got my sword...


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funny, but I only grief people who betray me, grief me, or make me mad. What was your reason?

umm kinda hard to explain hes just a guy who runs from alot of games when he starts to get beat.  but he saved so ya he didn't loose anything.

Fair play to him for hitting save when you appeared like a madman wildly swinging your sword. If he was anything like me when a creeper appears he would have panicked and accidentally switched to third person view and leaped blindly in the wrong direction catching the blast full in the teeth and scattering hard earned loot all over some cave floor he could never hope to find again.

^^haha never done that one yet.  but ya i wouldn't have killed him till he saved (i would give him 1 tap and wait.)