I fear for this game in the near future

Ok I have never been one of these people that think "because its old its not crap" I still play the SNES every now and then. Any of you even know what that is? I imagine the more mature readers will. The "old = crap" idea is the overall impression I get from the gaming community today. Like people saying "oh they wont patch this / that / or the next thing BECAUSE the game is 2 years old"

Well why not? We the consumer, you who pre - ordered the game paid in full for a game that would later get hacked to the point of no return. Get a shrug of the shoulders by the developer when you ask one of their employees to stop "CTRL + C'ing and CTRL + V'ing" to create MW3 to create a simple patch, a simple update, to put a stop to the hacking.

I have lately been in several modded / hacked / infected / ruined lobbies NOT BY CHOICE.

You can hardly go in a match on COD4 without there being something that shouldn't be in the game.

The numbers of players in the playlists have actually grown quite a bit, I remember when I first got MW2 17/3/11 or 3/17/11 to our buddehs across the water. The average number during daytime GMT was about 9000 it dropped a bit to 5000 stayed there for a while then is now back up 9000. There also seems to be a lot of new players joining in on COD MW2, is this because they got sick of MW3 or because their parents got them the wrong game at christmas?

9000 divide by 12 (the maximum amount allowed in TDM) = 750

750 games going on at one time we assume 1/4 of those are hacked thats 3000 HACKED LOBBIES 250 PEOPLE IN A HACKED LOBBY

We assume 1/2 those people WANT to be in a hacked lobby thats 125 hackers 

Nobody cares though. Nobody gives a damn enough to care because its an old game, and they have some "projects" to do "that are so amazing and superior in every way with an extra hint of mediocrity and banality induced by the severe feeling of not knowing if your playing the new game or black ops or MW2"


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yep and the thing is if they are still selling the game new and the dlc..they should keep it up-to-date...instead of ripping off their customers.

i do think they should patch it, the game has been ruined i can't ethen find a good ffa game anymore

quick scopers have taken over..same old boosters noobs etc..pile of cra*p now but it always was.

Tell me about it, you cant get in a FFA without qs'ers same with search and destroy but with trickshotters, the only fun thing to do on the game now is Sabotage. Not the game mode, sabotage set up trickshots.

The game will never be patched, even though it could be fixed with a few simple lines of coding. They're fully commited to MW3 and have given up on supporting MW2 as well as CoD4, sadly. :/

Kinda makes you want to take everything back to the manufacturer and demand a full refund and your time wasted playing it back