I downloaded GTA5 for 360 slim. loaded game. playing music intro. Says downloading in bottom right of screen.

I downloaded game on demand because my cd-rom drive doesn't work. So after it said downloaded finished I loaded my game,thinking I be able to play. The game loaded it's music and visual intros. Intro had music and pictures of characters. In bottom right of screen it says downloading. So it's an endless loop of the music with the character pictures and descriptions along with the endless downloading action in bottom right corner.  I did go on my computer and check my recent downloads. It says that install pack one is downloading with install pack two next. The only thing is that my 360 is on downstairs in this endless intro loop. I am afraid that if I close the game and go on netflix,the install pack will stop downloading.


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I may just end up leaving game on for awhile. I am curious why ROCKSTAR GAMES made it possible for the user to download the game,then, the user thinking he can play said game, finds out that he can not play the much anticipated game immediately. The user is only further teased by the lavish musical introduction and character descriptions of the said game,as it endlessly loops from one character to another. While all this takes place,at the bottom of the screen 'we' the users can see the word DOWNLOADING appear steadily. What's with all this fuss? Why make it so complicated? I can guess because of all the graphics,the engine used to design the game,and what not. But knowing that doesn't help the gamer in me who wants to play at once.

Umm.. everyone who got the game on disc had to wait for the disc 1 to install. So do you.

It was announced that the game would have a 8gb install before you could play it.


I have the same issues . Except apparently all my install packs are done downloading but I'm justt sitting here with the loop and it saying downloading at the bottom

I think it is still downloading/installing, if you are that concerned don't go on netflix, however once your movie has finished it will start downloading again.