I dont think my 369 HDMI is outputting 1080p

Im still getting a lot of jaggy edges and picture doesnt seem crisp enough for 1080p

The only thing is i bough it from craigslist. I can post a pic to show you what i mean

The games i own are Tomb raider, Saints row 3, World of tanks and FF13 lightning returns

Thanks for any help!


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There are only a few games that are native 1080p on xbox 360.

Even if i select 1080p it should auto to 720p or 900p or w.e the game runs out correct?

Even if it does go down to 720 it still doesnt look all that good

jagged edges has more to do with lack of anti aliasing, not your hdmi's fault. The clearer the image, the more visible aliasing is.

Your TV will tell you if it is outputting in 1080p or not.

As far as I understand most of the games are still 720p, so setting the console to output at 1080p just means its getting upscaled to that resolution (in other words a 720 resolution mapped inside a 1080 pixel count). A side by side comparison of 720 vs 1080 will look the same. IMO 720 doesn't look good period, whether native or inside 1080..

What about 4k curved 3D  ???? :) :)  

I use a 720 projector for my theater setup (recent purchase) over a 1080 because they were half the cost, and considering blu-ray (outside of plugging a PC in) is the only way to see true 1080p still. Most of what I'm going to view is anything less than 1080p, so it wasn't worth the cost. I will admit the blu-rays still look great in 720, but there is a difference.