i dont know how

does any body know how to mod your weapons. if any body knows how to mod tem can they let me know


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Modding anything in game is breaking "TOS" and can result in Moderation action.

fantastic example right its like finding a live grenade and holding it really close to your face until the time fuse is up and BOOM.

You cannot possibly be that stupid to post on the XBOX live forums of all places about how to cheat on an XBOX game.  Wow kid the game is about progression.  What is the point in playing if all your weapons are modded.  Defeats the purpose of playing this type of game in the first place.


Exactly. The only reason you want modded weapons is to try to 1-up all your buddies and one-shot everything. Modded weapons have ruined Borderlands and I pray to the developers of "Borderlands 2" that any modding of weapons/shields/anything results in a minimum ban from xbox live of at least 3 months!

the game pretty much holds your hand with in location where to go.if you getting beat you do a sidemission or two.with the exception of crawmerax if you cannot kill him by yourself get a decent party im pretty sure theres still a few that is hardcore and still farm crawmerax.after 40+characters  i still havent gotten a decent firerate serpens (8.8)stopped playing it 1 week now.:O havent suffered from pearlescent withdrawal symptoms yet.got my eye fixed on lord of the rings online game.its free.lol

one more question i remember on the old forums topics like modifying save data the moderator automatically removes it before it gets flamed by the hardcore ingame players.either way its a win win to me.

and i forgot to say hail crawmerax the lord of all lobsters with antisocial and anger management issues.

the fact that you have to ask this here means that you don't know what you are doing, so it's recommended that you don't even try to do it, but if you looked at the gearbox forums a topic like this has been on there since the game came out, but even there they will not tell you how, but they might point you to were.

So for you just don't do it you'll end up just corrupting your save game.

Gearbox never frowned upon modding or creating custom maps for the PC version of Borderlands, since they have a forum devoted to it.

But it is frowned upon here on the Xbox Forums, so take this chatter to another site.

oh great its just one more soon to be modder on xbox live. how many people still play this game legit. their was a time when Borderlands was fun and then f*ck tards like this came on here and made a mess out of the game. i hope when Borderlands 2 comes out they will step it up and deal with the moding a*s holes beter. and posting something like that on the forums damn you want to get a ban dont you.