I don't get why these got put into Reach

I got Halo Reach in late March and these are some things I don't think that Bungie should have put in Reach. 


Fall Damage- Everyone gets shields so I don't understand why all of a sudden there's fall damage. In Halo 2, Halo 3 etc. there was no fall damage because everyone got shields which was basically your health. So the shield protected against any kind of fall damage.


Armor Lock- This is way too strong. I don't know how many times some guys uses armor lock and someone else will kill me because I am waiting on the guy with armor lock to get out of it. I think Bungie could have gotten away with armor lock just not lasting as long as it does when someone deploys it. 


Size Change of Reticle- When firing some guns in Reach the reticle size gets bigger. Example: Sniper Rifle, DMR, **** Rifle, etc. I guess this makes the game more realistic. But it can make the DMR a pain to fire because you can't just rapidly fire it, you have to almost wait for the reticle to go down in size.


Detachable Turrets- This was first introduced in Halo 3. I like this idea for campaign and matchmaking. But when it comes to custom games at least give people the option if they want the turrets to be detachable or not. The reason I say this is because I loved to play tower of power back in the Halo 2 days. Since Bungie forged Ascension (Halo 2 version of Pinnacle) the least Bungie could have done was give the option of detachable turrets.


That is all. Opinions?        


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We don't actually know why fall damage was not present in Halo 2 and 3, so it isn't exactly odd for fall damage to make a return. Shield were also present in Halo 1...


Armour Lock is a complaint many people have. I'd rather it was not in the game but I don't play so I don't really care.


Bloom, the progressive decreasing of accuracy, is another fairly common complaint. I don't know why exactly it was implemented but you're supposed to wait for your accuracy to return, obviously. I can see why you dislike it since it stops childish spam, but that isn't supposed to be your playstyle. Bloom specifically punishes people who spam the trigger. Again, I'd rather it wasn't in the game but I just play H3 instead.


Turrets? What turrets? Who even cares about turrets?

Armor lock was a bad idea from the start, Bungie should have known that going completely invincible for 5 seconds whenever you want in a competitive FPS would get bad feedback.

Bloom forces people to be patient and steady shots and isn't as random as people say it is, especially LAN, you just have to know how to work it.

The other two I don't care about.

Hey Bob!

And yeah, I see Halo 3 as a near-flawless multiplayer experience that I simply cannot become bored of. Halo 3 is just the complete package.

I agree, and hey Ash .


I personally could just keep playing H3 forever though .

I love it man .


Haven't played in ages since I'm playing a LOT of RPGs at the moment, but it's still my all-time favourite .

God I miss Halo 3 in its prime. I hate how Reach, a truly inferior game has essentially gutted the Halo 3 population since its release. Here's hoping Halo 4 provides us with some sort of salvation from Reach.

I'm fine with the fall damage, and I've never seen how armor lock was a problem. It just gives me time to reload for when they come out. Bloom seems natural, and as for turrets, if you're forging a map, is the Shade Turret not an option? Maybe make the turrets have a fast re-spawn, and disable weapon pick up. That should stop players from detaching them. They should drop the turrets as soon as their detached. At least, that's what I think happened in Halo3.

Halo 3 is the far superior game, just bin playing some Big Team Battle now and it's great fun, shame there's not some many players on it now though.

Bungie wanted to kind of reach (not a pun) back to Halo 1 gameplay mechanics, hence the fall damage. It just adds risk so people don't just blindly jump off of things.


Armor Lock is a nice touch to me. People may over-use it at times, but it's a nice counter to the constant grenade spamming in slayer gametypes.


The reticle change makes it so more skill is involved to kill. No more spamming the trigger on the pistol or assault rifle. It may be frustrating at first, but you'll get the hang of the timing.


Detachable turrets? I rarely use turrets, but that would be a nice feature to implement. (The choice to make it immovable)

I LOVE H3 and Big Team . Big Team's great, Multi Team is great, Team Slayer, Team Snipers, Social Slayer.... hmm .