I don't know if its just me but some daily challenges are too hard

hi there and thanks for this genious game by the way, but i don't know if its just me but i can not beat some daily challenges on hard or expert because its too dificult. for example the "beat 13 levels in 3:30" challenge (expert). i don't know if anyone is able to do this or the tower that moves up to the edge of the screen on hard...  i have a touchscreen device and use 2 fingers but its still very difficult. i just want to know if this gets tested or actually beaten by someone before the challenges get out... ten seconds more would be fine sometimes...

and by the way, a feature to disable the visual effects would be great, because i think i could be faster then. its kind of sluggish on my asus vivo tab smart. and i would definetly pay for this for a full version without the ads...

thank you for making me my time waste with style (and excuse my bad english, im german... so..)



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Thanks for being a fan! We do test all our daily challenges, so they can definitely be beat, but some of them are definitely  very difficult.

We'll pass your suggestion about disabling visual effects and a no-ad version on to our team. Thanks for playing Taptiles!

PS: Your English is very good!

TundraJeans1715: You're not alone! Some days I can get only one Challenge, the EASY one. Some days I can do all the Challenges, usually made up of MEDIUM and EASY. I very seldom work the HARD ones. Just being to old, I guess. I do better with Solitaire and Mahjong. Taptiles makes for a good challenge, though.