I don't admit this often

I don't know if its because its beta or what (my opinion hasn't changed, game is already paid for and I plan to seriously give it a go), but truthfully, I straight get owned in this.  The only class I seem to have any sort of "luck" or can manage with is with the sniper.  With the rest, I just get dominated.  Haven't even managed enough kills to get some sort of scope or RDS.  Yes, call me a noob its fine, although with 20 years FPS experience, it has been a long time since I have had a FPS in my hands I enjoyed yet get just dominated with.  I just can't seem to see anyone before I get killed, and those damn flashlights blind me.  It could very well be the arcade aspect of the CoD franchise has seriously tainted the tactical aspect this game comes with.  I don't know yet, probably won't until a good week after the game releases but I apologize for teams I end up with and my K/D ratio hurts the team....I am trying.  I probably need to get over the fear of turning on the mic and communicate too...another thing CoD seriously destroyed.  It used to be a good time, but after years of hearing how many 10 year olds were with my mom....I kinda stopped using it.  Point is, to be any good at this game, there are some serious CoD...."perks" I need to remove from my playstyle.  The game is not a "one man army" type playstyle....Time to make some friends lol.


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also when the full game comes play HC CQ its much better, dont worry about k/d doesnt really matter that much, of course u need to preserve tickets, but medics can add em back, just fight for the obj, everything else will work out

If you are having problems getting kills, seriously consider being a medic.  It gives you a lot of points for health packs and reviving. Teammates like helpful medics :)

Crappy Map :/


I only played it the first 2 days of the early release. I thought it was quite good . Glitchy etc....but I ranked upto about 7 unlocked a few items..Dont even check K/D ratio as im not a camper!!  I Cant say ive been blinded by lasers or flashlights because i havent. Good , fast & aggresive little map. I doubt it will play like that in the final release. You never kno thouigh.

Its definitely a squad based shooter . playing without a decent squad makes you dead alot (if only because of the spawn options) The better the Squad youre in the better experience you have.

Anyways if youre lookin for some folk to play this game with when it hits the shops or BCBF2 or anything feel free to add  me.

Remove your COD habits with BFCB2 its Ducking fantastic !! lol  Ill be dead alot when MW3 comes out and I dont care!!

Whether it be CoD or BF, each game requires a different approach. You know what the CoD approach is, but you'll soon find that the CoD approach doesn't really work in BF. Seems like you already figured it out, now you just need to learn it and apply it.   

Make you sure you supply what ever youre carrying...Ammo ... Health....just keep pressing that d-pad!

I'm a BC2 player and i was getting my @@@ kicked all over on this when i started,It does get easier,I'm getting positive K/Ds more and more now although my overall is still only 0.77ish its going up slowly and i don't even play for it,just getting better.It is tough though with this narrow rush map.Attacking is much harder than Defending in my opinion.If you don't worry about K/D so much and play for W/L,you have much more fun.Just try win the matches,supply and if people are on mics it really helps to talk alot.Also don't go rushing in too much.Its good when there's like 5 or so of you all working together and just move up bit by bit.