I do not understand MS

They have three slim 360 console bundles coming out and no slim to slim transfer cable? Do they not think that previous slim owners would want a GoW 3, Star Wars, or CoD Xbox?


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You make a good point. I hadn't thought of the need for a slim to slim transfer kit yet, but the need is obviously there.The good news is that the hard drives can be swapped from one slim to the other, but seeing as how the new slim bundles all have larger hard drives you probably don't want to do that. There's also the ability to transfer via usb but it's slow and taxing.

I'm pretty sure that we're getting cloud saves for the 360 soon, maybe even with the Fall update. That might lighten the burden a little as well. MS is probably developing a slim to slim transfer cable, but has not put it into production. 

i kind of didnt think of that either, but maybe because there is a usb drive, there might not be a need for the transfer kit and just use a jump drive instead. idk just a thought,

Yeah, no need for a cable. Who doesn't have at least one usb stick lying around?

True Moe!! My neighbor did a slim to slim transfer with a usb stick and everything went fine! Still find it odd there isn't a cable available for this?! It would just be yet MORE money M$ could get out of us!

USB is they key! Get it.

like everyone said the usb is they way to go....it takes a while but it helps

Even if you don't have a usb stick, buying one would still be cheaper than buying a transfer cable that you're only going to use once or twice.