I cannot get in any solitaire card game today

it's always loading....it happened before.

anyone has seen the same problem?


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I'm having that problem today. Did you ever find a solution?

Yeah how about some support here. I haven't been able to open the game since just before midnight last night. The game keeps kicking me back to the start menu.

Okay now campers. I was able to get the Solitaire Collection working again. It appears that either Microsoft's time server was down or there is some sort of miscommunication between my computer and the server. In order to fix this issue try synchronizing your computer clock with one of the other time servers listed.

From your desktop, click on the time at the bottom right side of your screen. Click the internet time tab, hit the change settings button and select a server from the drop down list. An error message will indicate that a server is down, so find one that doesn't give you an error message.

Hope this will help you all out.

In addition to HippieHigh's method, we just put out an update that should address some of these issues. Can you please check to see if there is an update for your version of the game? Here's how:

Go to the Windows 8 start screen by pressing the windows key on your keyboard, or pressing the windows button on your tablet.

Tap the green Store tile. If you can't find it, you can type the word "Store" on your keyboard to bring it up.

In the Store, tap the green text in the upper-right corner that says "Updates". This appears whenever any of your apps have updates available. If you don't see it there, all of your apps (including this one) are already up-to-date.

On the App updates screen, tap "install" at the bottom to install all of your available updates. If the game appears in the list, then there is an update for the game available, and you'll need to tap this game's update listing to get it.

Let me know if this helps!

BTW, I was able to fix the Solitaire Collection game loading problem just by changing themes. That seemed to get the game out of the deadlock or whatever was causing the problem. Now I've updated and hopefully won't have the problem again.