I cannot find another human player.

I recently got back into this game and for the life of me cannot find a human player in any mode horde or co-op. I find it hard to belive NOBODY is playing this game. My NAT settings are fine, becasue my xbox is not wireless, (and ive done the tsts) any other ideas?


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LOL WUT.. I was just gonna go re-purchase this at bb... GLAD I CHECKED the forums first...

if no one plays this... I'll just hold off until gears 3

oh and I agree about this "new" forum being crap

I have to say I have been finding people just fine. there still seems to be an active community on it.

I am not having any problem in horde finding games with human players.  The only problem I am having is hosts quitting when we are in the middle of a wave.

The reason for Co-Op is probably cuz people have already beaten Story and/or don't wanna go for more achievements for it

Are you playing custom horde?