I can't win the Tag Team Titles?

I put my team as the Number One Contenders and put them in a Rivalrie with the Tag Team Champions and I can't get a title match to win them for some reason in universe mode? What do I do exactly?


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when you start a rivalry like that it will not be instant for the titles... give it a couple of weeks with feuding and then they will fight for the titles...  I do this with my WWE champ and Intercontinental champ, Ill give them feuds I want and normall it just  starts as a feud, then after about 2 weeks, it turns into fighting for the title belt at the PPV..

I faced them at 4 PPVS already and won and no title shot??? and I'm still the Number One Contender........

Dont make them number 1 contenders, they dont have to be, when you start a feud thats all you need..  like you can take a guy that is in 15 position in the world title rankings, put him in medium to long feud with the champion, and by their third fight, or fourth, it will show that they will be fighting for the title....  so from now on dont put them number 1 contender and make a feud, but for now to fix your problem, just make a tag match at the next major show or ppv and just make it for the tag belts like you would a singles title.

Ok.... how would I make it for the Tag Belts at a Raw or PPV? I tried editing the match and all I can do is Add Manager....I beat them at so many Raws & Smackdowns and even PPVS in the past few days.

same way you do for singles titles... you pick to edit the match, change it to tag team, then go into specialty and make it for the titles..... then boom youll have your championship match..

Thanks buddy I just found out another way to do it I just put the Tag Belts on my Tag Team in Customize Universe my new Tag Team is Goldberg & Kane (Retro) now.My game was glitching when I took the belts off of my old Tag Team that were Tag Champs for 2706 days and put it on the new ones now I'm getting title matches I'm guessing my old team was to awesome lol anyways thanks a lot man you have been very helpful 5 stars all the way.