I can't get Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition to Work

I payed for this game a few weeks ago and have YET to get it to work. I've downloaded it a few times, and it doesn't register under my games list for Arcade games. I just can't get it to show up as a game to be launched. When  I look at recent downloads, I can redownload it, but I never ever have the option to launch or play this game. 

If I can't figure this out, should I call and ask for refund? This is stupid. Even my Terraria trial game shows up under games. Arcade games that I paid for and downloaded should show up so that I can launch them.


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Oh, dayum. I bought ADD ON? It wasn't marketed like an addon. I feel ripped off. Now i either ask for refund or get the base game for Super Street Fighter 4.

I doubt very much that you will get a refund. If you want to play the game you are better off just buying the SSFIV: AE on disc as it's pretty cheap now anyway.

They put it on sale on the Xbox dashboard, and I bought it. It never read add-on. It read SSFIV Arcade Edition, which screams standalone title. It's in the fine print where it says it's an add-on.

awe it's an add on? PSN+ members got this free like 5 months ago but never downloaded it to play.

Only the retail version is standalone.  The download version is a add-on. In other words.  The downloaded version is there for poeple who boughted the oringale SSFIV and want get all the featuers of SSFIVAE. They are baesicly the same game. But one is has the arcade version fighters.