I can see you.

And I wont do any thing about it.   Ill just walk past you and youll be like....Whoa.


I shall then break my thumbs.   In an attempt to throw you off!!


What are you going to do about me doing that?!


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What is that ringing in my ears?   I think I got a tear in my eye........


Sorry umm....Somebody should lock this thread.    I was shall we say....Not right at that moment.

Does that mean that you smoked some bad weed and had an awesome trip?

What is this?

    I was playing hc ffa on firing range last night, and spawned in the bathroom. I dropped a claymore by the back door and exited out the other end, headed for the parking lot. Just as I walked out the door I heard "enemy rcxd" announced so I stopped for a second just outside the door to listen. Now everone knows I'm a camper, but I'm very selective when it comes to camping spots, thats NOT a very good one, but I know movement attracts more attention than squatting in a bad spot..

    I saw the rcxd coming out the door of the plywood building headed straight for me. After a quick debate whether or not it was a good idea, I decided to start firing at it.  Not much time ........ I took bad aim and gave a quick burst before it got too close. Missed ......... I just waited for death.

   To my surprise it drove right by me into the bathroom where my claymore took care of it.