I can honestly say...

After playing the entire campaign for single player I like the story.  The game was pretty good.  However, playing the matches I have played in MP I am disgusted so far with it.  The one gametype that I am loving right now is "Kill Confirmed".  I have been killed by so many n00bs today just parking their cheap backsides into a corner and waiting for people to run around them.  I encounter this every COD title online.  Kill confirmed means you got to get out of that little corner and cap the tags or you don't get points.  Anyone else fed up with these corner campers as much as me?  I am really trying to love this game as I do love COD.  I really like the upgrading system for the weaponry.  What are your thoughts?


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So far i've heard from people that they like "kill confirmed" a lot. I think they should have implemented this in bigger playlists though.

Kill Confirmed is my favorite!

Yeah i like kill confirmed but everything seems overpowered even without ranking up, be nice if they put kill confirmed in some of the objective modes.

Really, the camping is nothing new and you should have known better than to expose yourself like that if you knew they were camping the tags. Eliminate or distract the target, lay down cover fire then collect the tags.

Haven't tried it yet but I like how you have to run up to the body to get points. Making a small change to fight the corner campers.

The only thing worse than a camper is someone who constantly complains about campers.

I don't really think it stops camping at all. It would stop it if you were the only one who could collect your kills tags but the whole team can. I like it though.

The camping in Kill Confirmed is not as bad as just straight on TDM or MTDM.  I try not to expose myself, but hard to check every corner and keep your eyes out for other targets.

Camping is a legitimate play style.  Like it or hate it, it just is.   Also, there are more campers now with people just learning the maps.   I don't camp much, but if I'm getting owned, I'll camp just to get some confidence back.