I CAN connect to EA, but CANT fire up a game.

When it starts looknig for a game, it doesn't give me any error message. It just stops with loading, back to the menu where i can look for games.


I am connected to EA though, i can see all my stats, leaderboard, gun stats.


Any idea's?


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Yeah i' ve been having the same problem for 2-3 days now, and I have no idea how to fix it.

I just bought the game, and have the same problem. Good to know, it's not from lack of players. Has anyone heard any news from EA to address the problem?

My friend and I have been having this problem too.  Now for me though sometimes it takes me like 30 mins to even get on the server, after many resets, dashbords, or hard drive disconnect/reconnects i finally get on. While I was trying to connect he kept searching and nothing, I was laughing my butt off, then i finally connected, and searched for a game.  Same thing, searches then that lil pop up that says its searching goes away.  Back to square one  :(   He resetted his xbox and it was working then, he sent me a squad invite and I was able to join then.

It seems these servers are getting worse everyday. Ever since that stupid Madden demo came out I've had nothing but problems. I really hope BF3 doesn't do this crap, I really hate trying to connect to the servers for 30 mins and now this no find game crap? WTF do they do with the money we give them? Not upkeep the servers I can see. I know the game is a few years old but come on....  people still play it....if they can connect.

While i was getting the same piece of crap as u did i checked my friends list and one of my friends was playing a game(Conquest on Panama canal)!

Sometimes i cant connect,then when i can connect its searches without error.....so i play 1943 the....

Problem is that as fast i can connect,if i shut the xbox down i cant connect and my connection is very good.

Its pretty weird it happens just when BF3 is about to launch...Are they cutting down on servers for bc2?

Join games from recent players,if you cant get in the normal way.

The insane rubberband lag seems to be back too,noticed it today...

I thought it was just me. I've been joining by using recent players, but no one is playing Hardcore :(

i was able to get on today but it keeped spawing me with no weps or gear everytime

I was getting the same problem and think I found a way to fix it, or at least it worked for me. Go to your Xbox settings and switch your "locale" to the UK if you're from the US. After doing that I was able to join my own games again.

Clear you cache and delete the BF3 Beta save file, this worked for me yesterday. Still couldn't join friends though.

I have had this problem since about 19 october .It signs to xbox live,logs into Battlefield 2 server shows stats but when trying to login it justs goes back to Join game screen so I press again and it tries to load for about 5 seconds then goes back to screen .I found that if I sign out of xbox live and back it again it tends to clear the problem until I turn the xbox off again.It also works if you find a friend and join their game.I wonder if it is the beta of Battlefield 3 ?I have played this game for the last year with out a problem.PS checked and nat is open ( used COD disc to check) Turned off router for 2 hours moved cable etc but still does not work. Any ideas