I asked for 1 thing for MW3

This was my wish for MW3, to 402:


Domination, please make Kills=25pts, Caps 300/350pts, and defends 150/200pts. This will hurt the kill whorez who have no ambition of playing the game correctly and going for  objectives.  By cutting the  kill pts down, it will force them to go for flags.


Before, they could get near top, and rack up major points for playing TDM, while the rest played Domination, u cut those kill points down to 1/3 or 1/4 of what they used to be, they can kill ***, but their scores will suffer.


I know there are a ton of things we want, but for multi, i think this is a huge need. Especially for Domination.


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We need an alternate reality where cod is all about w/l ratio. Damn that would be a fun reality :)

I just wonder if this is so much of a problem that it needs a tweaking. Personally, it doesnt bother me much if someone is killwhoring...makes my job cappin objective easier.

Cod is only about K/D. that's why it's on every scoreboard.

But if people could use objectives for YouTube kills, what will I watch on YouTube?

I say make the points gained from kills dynamic.  If you own 0 flags, 25pt kills.  1 flag = 50 pt kills and so on.  In fact, I say make everything dynamic.  This will give higher reward for people who are working as a team and going for objectives.  If someone is just going for kills without worrying about objectives, they still get smoked on the leaderboards.  In CTF, make exp gained from kills increase as each flag is capped.  For demolition, give defense double xp on kills until target is destroyed, then switch and give offense double xp.  From what I read though, they are going to have team perks so they may be using that to try to get players to play for objectives.

I would also be happier if the game did not show number of deaths and kills for other players.  Player's should be able to see only their own.  Make win/loss ratios public though.

To many yes, but they could level up quickly by kill whoring, by  cutting those kill pts, they wont be able to.

I'd see guys get 2500-3000 points in domination, with zero caps and zero defends.  All kills.

They don't care about the score from the kills they just want the kills for their K/D.

or have the kills not count for points, or maybe even just 5 pts. even if its only 25 pts, people will still just go for kills. i think for objective gametypes, kills shouldnt count towards your K/D ratio, or every 10 would or something like that.